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Professionally trained in New Zealand, Sweden and South Africa, my 30 years healing experience covers a wide range of natural healing modalities and is based around an holistic ideology.

Heike Eckhoff-Björngard

BSocSc, PG Dip Teaching,

Heike Eckhoff-Bjorngard massage therapist, RussellI focus on the quality of being and helping people find ways to heal, honouring the moments with integrity to allow wellness to flow into being. I work from a deep place of respect, honouring your body as your 'Temple' which I have the privilege to help by touch according to your healing needs.

I am also passionate about Living Raw Foods and work with you as an individual or in small group. This can vary from an individual lifestyle assessment to hands on groups making Rejuvelac and raw food crackers.

I also do week long retreats with detox and wellness as a focus. Together we will do the programme and add extra treatments with Therapeutic Massage, Bio-Cleanse, Magnetic Bemer Therapy and Counselling.


Therapeutic Massage

Living Raw Foods

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